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Family Unwrapping

Helping you protect your family

The Sensible Approach to What You Need

At Zach Likens Agency, we offer a wide range of policies and plans from the best companies available to meet your specific business, personal, or even health requirements. Let us worry about your future so you can enjoy your present. Reach out to us today for more information and to answer any questions you may have!

As of March 1st, 2022 we have entered into a partnership with Ethos!
But who is Ethos?
Ethos is a next-generation insurtech company offering life insurance products that can be bound online. The 100% online application takes just minutes, many policies are issued same-day, and there are no medical exams required—just a few health questions.
This will make covering your loved ones and your life easier than ever! 

We Are Proud To Announce.. 

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Our Packages

Customized Solutions for You and Your Family

All Packages Available in Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Texas and Washington State

Our customers trust Zach Likens Agency with all of their insurance needs and know that we can utilize our network of insurance carriers to find the best solution to your family's needs


Make sure your family can stay in their home when the unthinkable happens. With Mortgage Protection Coverage you can be confident that your mortgage is paid and your family is safe.

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Income Replacement and Family Coverage

Protection For Those You Love

Final Expense Coverage

Protection You Need When You Need It


Policy Review Program

Trust but Verify

Not all policies are created equal. With this no cost program our Agents sit down with you and review your current policy and provide you with all the information your family would need when the unfortunate happens.

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Our Final Expense department is one of the busiest at our Agency. Our clients know they can trust us to cover them with the policy that suits them best. Pre-existing Condition? Diabetes? Cancer in the last two years? No Problem We can help!  Reach out to go over your options!

We offer different packages tailored to meet your Family’s personal and ever-evolving needs. Our team is happy to answer your questions and make personalized recommendations for the best Life Insurance for your circumstances and Your Family’s future.

Mortgage Protection

Protect Your Family's Home

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Father & Son
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About Us

Unparalleled Insurance Services In:

Georgia, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Ohio,

and Washington State

Zach Likens Agency offers clients the best possible protection for all of their Life insurance needs. We are committed to finding the best insurance options for you by utilizing our network of insurance carriers. This way we can find the policy that suits your and your family's needs. Our expert staff has the knowledge to handle everything from the most simple policy to the most complicated package. Please reach out with any questions you may have and let us help your family today!

Young Family
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How Can We Help?

Everyone needs coverage but it can be a very complicated terrain to explore on your own. We are here to answer your questions! Our team of licensed agents are ready to help you leave behind a legacy as full as the life you have led.

Make sure you are covered so you have your family covered. The last thing that you need to leave behind is a burden. We take pride in assisting your family with their Life benefit needs. These benefits can be instrumental in remembering the life and legacy you are to leave behind. When a loved one passes away it is never an easy time. This is what makes life insurance so important. Please allow us to assist with all of your life benefits needs!  

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